Catalyst for Collaboration

Violins of Hope will promote collaboration between non-profit arts and other agencies. It will be one of the first broad-reaching programs in Maricopa County that reaches between 30,000 to 50,000 adults and students and brings non-profit arts groups and other agencies together in a large-scale collaborative project. Organizations will work together to promote and present programs featuring the violins as well as benefit individually from organization specific events. 



In every city where Violins of Hope programming has taken place, it has been a huge success – for the community as well as the participating organizations. An article that appeared in one of the Cleveland papers after a successful 4-month program summed the impact of Violins of Hope in this way, “Equally significant was the way Violins of Hope rallied Cleveland's nonprofit sector. For once, individual missions barely mattered. Through this project, groups that rarely, if ever, engage with each other learned to collaborate, and found acres of common ground.”


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